•	Tiny Tots (Ages 4 to 6) 
	◦	Simple drills keep the children 
               focused and enthused.
	•	Youth Program (Ages 7 to 11)
	◦	Build self-esteem and respect 
               through a structured learning 
	•	Adult Programs (Ages 12 and up)
	◦	Practical and effective self defense,
               weight loss, and conditioning.

	•	Teen Awareness (Ages 12 to 15)
	◦	Young women taught the skills to decrease the chances of becoming a victim.
	•	Girls on Guard (Ages 14 and up)
	◦	Learn to defend yourself in social situations.
	•	Fight Like A Girl (Ages 14 and up)
	◦	Most women's self defense programs don't work.  See why ours does!

 •	Abduction Reduction/Bully Busting 
	◦	Give your child the tools to be confident and safe

	•	After School Programs
	◦	Fill the time between school and home in a safe supervised environment.  
	•	Summer Camp
	◦	Movies, games, swimming, stranger danger, and martial arts.  No other summer camp can compare!

Welcome to the Paradise Valley School of Karate. Paradise Valley School of Karate was established in 1981 under Sensei Mike Wall, a 7th Dan in the traditional Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu style of Karate.  Sensei Wall has worked hard over the last 30 years to establish himself as a valued member of the local community through programs that enrich not only the mind and body, but also the spirit. 
As a special Internet offer, if you bring a copy of this coupon you will receive:
	1.  Three Karate lessons for only $29.99
	2.	A free authentic uniform and belt with our school logo on the back

Paradise Valley School of Karate                13647 N. 32nd St.                    602-867-9204  

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Ranked #1 Karate School in Arizona 
by the ASKA & the USKA

Aloha Cup

June 20, 2015

USKA Sanctioned
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