Welcome to the Paradise Valley School of Karate.

Paradise Valley School of Karate was established in 1981 under Sensei Mike Wall, a 7th Dan in the traditional Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu style of Karate.  Sensei Wall has worked hard over the last 35 years to establish himself as a valued member of the local community through programs that enrich not only the mind and body, but also the spirit.

Phone: 602-867-9204  •  Email: sensei@pvkarate.com

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• Tiny Tots (Ages 4 to 6) - Simple drills keep the children focused and enthused. • Youth Program (Ages 7 to 11) - Build self-esteem and respect through a structured learning environment. • Adult Programs (Ages 12 and up) - Practical and effective self defense, weight loss, and conditioning.


• Teen Awareness (Ages 12 to 15) - Young women taught the skills to decrease the chances of becoming a victim. • Girls on Guard (Ages 14 and up) - Learn to defend yourself in social situations. • Women's Empowerment (Ages 14 and up) - Most women's self defense programs don't work.  See why ours does! • Abduction Reduction/Bully Busting - Give your child the tools to be confident and safe


<• After School Programs - Fill the time between school and home in a safe supervised environment. • Summer Camp - Movies, games, swimming, stranger danger, and martial arts.  No other summer camp can compare!  Summer Camp Registration & more information


We are excited to answer any questions and work with you every step of the way. Feel free to contact us by email or phone.

Phone: 602-867-9204
Email: Sensei@pvkarate.com
Address: 3851 E. Thunderbird Rd. B117
Phoenix, Az 85032

Sensei Michael Wall

Mr. Michael Wall always wanted to do martial arts, but coming from a small town in Iowa there weren’t too many dojo’s around.  He finally got a chance to train while he was attending the University of Northern Iowa in 1972.  After 2 years of training, he received a brown belt in taekwondo under Mr. Mike Nelson. In 1974, he was working out at the University of Iowa gymnasium without a teacher.  He remembered seeing this big guy working out in the corner who looked really good.  He walked over and asked him if he could train with him.  The big guy (Mr. John Hutchcroft) said, “Sure, put on a white belt.”  This didn’t sound too unreasonable for Mr. Wall who then started training with Mr. Hutchcroft in the Shuri-Ryu system. Mr. Wall received his Shodan under Mr. Hutchcroft in 1978.  When Mr. Hutchcroft moved from the Cedar Falls area, Mr. Wall took over his club.  After a year he realized he needed another teacher, and being in the Shuri-Ryu system it seemed only logical to move to Phoenix, AZ in 1979 to train with the master of the system, Grand Master Robert Trias.  Mr. Wall trained with Mr. Trias until his death in 1989. During his years with Master Trias, Mr. Wall became one of the senior staff at the yearly Trias International seminars held in Phoenix. In 1981, Mr. Wall started Paradise Valley School of Karate in Phoenix, AZ.  Since its inception, Mr. Wall and his school has been extremely active in the tournament circuit.  Paradise Valley School of Karate has always been known for its strong tournament presence producing numerous State, National, and World champions.  Paradise Valley Karate has consistently placed in the top 3 slots in the U.S.K.A. (United States Karate Alliance) and the A.S.K.A. (Arizona State Karate Alliance) which he co-founded in 1994.  And in 1999, Paradise Valley School of Karate placed 1st in both the U.S.K.A. & A.S.K.A. point championships.